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Online Event "Health Potential of Healing Forests" at the EU Commission

The online event showed which possibilities the Healing Forest offers: for health maintenance, approaches for novel therapies and as an element in marketing for sustainable tourism.

Can a forest heal? How does a forest become a healing forest? What does a patient gain from a healing forest? Answers to these questions were provided by our experts and the International Certification Office Healing Forest.

We were very pleased about the great interest from the European Union in our forward-looking topic. For the event we could win three representatives from the EU Commission for a greeting:

o Claire Bury, Deputy Director DG "Health and Food Safety"

o Dr. Bernd Biervert, Head of Unit DG "Research and Innovation"

o Raphaël Lelouvier, Representative DG "Agriculture and Rural Development"

Many thanks to all participants and speakers for this great event!


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