nebligen Wald
nebligen Wald

Criteria for 



Do you want to know if your forest is suitable for the development of a healing forest?


For the creation of a healing forest, your forest should meet some basic requirements. Based on this, a concept for implementation is developed, which takes into account the criteria mentioned here.


A detailed list of criteria and further information is available upon request.

Basic requirements

  • well managed, near-natural forest

  • suitable size of the forest

  • opaque parts especially at the edge of the forest 

  • public traffic-calmed areas for therapy applications

  • open spaces suitable for use as resting areas or as areas for therapeutic applications

Health-promoting aspects

  • emission-free and low allergen forest air

  • calm environment/noise protection 

  • concept for the implementation of therapeutic offers by qualified therapeutic personnel

  • proximity to a hospital or health as well as rehabilitation centers is advantageous 


  • seating and resting places

  • relaxation and exercise areas

  • designated first aid point

  • good accessibility and possibilities for parking

Trail network

  • unpaved trails

  • signposted exercise trails graduated according to strenuousness and difficulty

  • trails for moderate physical exertion

  • some parts of trails should be suitable for persons with physical handicaps, wheelchair users


  • General map of the healing forest and information boards

  • trail length information and information on special sights

  • instructions for indication-based health promotion