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"How healing forests can enhance tourist destinations" in Croatian business magazin

Picturesque islands, turquoise waters and historic towns with impressive architecture. Plus a multitude of success stories from Croatia's economy. Right in the middle: The "International Certification Office Healing Forest" of the BioCon Valle GmbH.

Thanks to the good relations built up in previous years with the tourism industry in Croatia, our project has now been given the opportunity to present its offers and the topic of Healing Forest in the country's tourism magazine, "Suvremena Trgovina" ("Economy Today").

On three pages we address the importance of tourism for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and show how the creation of healing forests helps to accompany the profile of our federal state as a place of quality tourism and its further development towards health tourism.

This idea has international appeal, which is why the "International Certification Office Healing Forest" is now spreading the concept of gentle and healthy tourism in the form of healing forests worldwide - and certifying them on the basis of scientific criteria.

If you would like to have a look at the article in Croatian yourself click here.


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