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Healing Forest Keynote Speech at Turizam 365 in Croatia

One of the most important tourism events at the national level in Croatia took place in Terme Tuhelj at 8th October 2021. The annual tourism forum Turizam 365 had its focus this year on best practice cases and suggestions on how to do business in the postcovid period, develop sustainable tourism and create new tourism future.

Considering tourism in a post-covid period naturally means that the issue of health tourism was one of the top-ranking topics at this conference. Against this background the International Certification Office Healing Forest presented the concept of healing forests as it is implemented successfully in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Project manager Jan Schmidt informed the participants about the project and its aim to develop and implement internationally recognised standards and procedures to assess Healing Forests. He pointed out that it is very important to apply standards and procedures that accepted and applied all over the world in order the ensure a high quality of healing forests and its support for health.

The event was visited by 190 participants and more than 700 people joined the online format of the conference. Turizam 365 takes place on annual basis and is brings together eminent tourism experts from Croatia and EU, attracts significant public and media attention and a large number of participants from the tourism sector.

Under this link the recording of the whole event can be found. Presentation regarding healing Forests by project manager Jan Schmidt can be found at 04:23:00.


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