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Finnish delegation visits Healing Forest in Klink

A Finish delegation of health tourism experts visited us to learn more about Healing Forests and the Internationale Certification Office. The group had a stopover during their benchmark trip through the Northern parts of Germany. They exchanged with representatives of numerous German clinics and health tourism facilities to learn about experiences, opportunities, and differences in and with health tourism.

It was a great pleasure for us to welcome our guests and to present the sustainable concept of forest use for prevention and therapy using the example of the Healing Forest of the MüritzKlinik.. The clinic is directly located on the Müritz, the largest inland lake in Germany. The Müritz National Park extends around the clinic grounds.

The forest therapist of the Müritz Klinik guided us through the Healing Forest and demonstrated how she is using the forest within her therapeutical treatment. She explained and underlined the health-promoting effects of exercises and treatments performed in the forest. The experts from Finland were impressed by how individual and indication-based programs are developed for patients in forest therapy.

The International Certification Office and BioCon Valley® were glad having the opportunity to welcome the guests from Finland and introduce the concept of Healing Forests.

Especially the support by the team of the Müritz Klinik Klink was appreciated. The presentation of the clinic and the healing forest was very charming. The State Forest Administration Mecklenburg-Vorpommern contributed as well with their profound expertise.


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