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Europe's first Healing Forest for children opened in Heringsdorf

The international novelty, Europe's first healing forest for children, was ceremonially opened in the presence of Minister President Manuela Schwesig, Minister of the Environment Till Backhaus and State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Health Dr. Stefan Rudolph.

At 13 stations, children, young people and anyone who considers themselves to be one can go on a journey of health discovery. Whether climbing, swinging, walking barefoot, lying in the moss or recognizing sounds - the healing forest for children specifically appeals to all the senses. It is part of the first spa and healing forest, which was opened in Heringsdorf in 2017, also the first in Europe.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a pioneer in the therapeutic use of forests, the healing forests. The state government is making targeted investments in the health potential of "forests" and thus in strengthening the health industry in general and health tourism in particular. The International Certification Office Healing Forest is an integral part of this global movement.


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