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Certification Office represents MV at scientific congress in Canada

From 7 to 9 July, the Faculty of Forestry of the renowned University of British Columbia in Canada organised the "International Conference on Forest Therapy: Healing with Nature". The virtual event focuses on forest therapy research, its institutional context, and an overview of effective implementation.

The congress was attended by the global elite of the forest therapy scene. Key note speakers included Dr. Qing Li, Dr. Won Sop Shin, Matilda van den Bosch and our partner and friend Alex Gesse from the Forest Therapy Hub. Various sessions were held on the topics of science, health policy and practice. More than 45 speakers presented their exciting work and exchanged ideas with each other and the conference participants.

Dr. Anne Rabes presented the International Certification Office Healing Forest (ICO). She explained that until now there were no uniform international standards for the designation of forests for therapeutic use. These have now been introduced by the ICO - making use of the many preliminary steps taken by the Ministry of the Environment of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV) and implemented in an exemplary manner by the Spas association MV e. V. and the State Foresty MV and accompanied by a great deal of commitment.


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